prezidentkou organizace Global biodiverzity Protection, jež vznikla v září 2009

Eric K. NOJI

nominated Director of Global Biodiversity Protection USA, Washington, D.C

Arch. Eric Eyutchae

Directeur – Sustainable design

Joost Wouters

Innovation Management Expert

Laurent Langeron

Paper communication

Gayan Nugawela

Community Manager

Charles Jackotin

Videographer media

Paulion Damiano

Trees for the future and agroforestry   My name is Paulino Damiano from Embu District which is located around 250km from the Kenyan capital Nairobi. When I was growing up in early years of 1980’s, I witnessed massive destruction of Mount Kenya carried out through various illegal activities such as unlicensed logging, charcoal burning, Shamba […]

Graeme Wilson

Biodiversity consultant, Executive Director, Scotland

Julián Durán

Marketing for Social Developpement Director

Irene Schneider

GBP Project Scientist

Jean Doucet

Art Ambassador

Jasmine Shih

Deputy Director

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