Our action

 Our action is part of a wider frame of international aid.

Working session in the Cabinet of Mrs Arlette SOUDAN NONAULT (Minister of Tourism and Environment, Republic of Congo) on our project for an African Biodiversity Forum. 23February 2018














Protecting endangered species, fighting deforestation, support national development , take off while preserving natural resources: how can we balance all of these essential tasks on which our future depends? Our project is in line with the recommendations of the Kyoto summit, effective from 2005, and which was  followed by the Copenhagen summit, 2009. (see Wikipedia).
This project comes from the initiative of a team of founders from various professional fields (see our team) annex . All of them understand that given the present alarming trend in terms of potentially irreversible damage to biodiversity, acting today is an

emergency. Reversing the trend cannot be done without mobilizing the citizens of the world.

Our goal:
is to educate and coddle mankind into a better respect of biodiversity, through environmentally balanced and respectful actions demonstrating the importance of Man as a ‘Keeper of Nature’. Understanding the importance of acting as a Keeper of Nature will bring profits to mankind, to the future generations, and to the species of the natural world. Eventually, a balanced ecosystem will be a boon for universal well-being. We believe that mankind must learn to live in a healthy way, without abandoning the benefits of progress, as long as that does not trigger unwholesome disruptions in Nature’s general balance.


Iveta in CONGO RDC:




























Paulino for Save Mount Kenya Forest’s

Gayan for Alms-giving for Cancer patients at General Hospital,Kandy Srilanka..,


John KIdd IUCN Head Global Comunications

and Brussels MEP Awards 29/10/2010-Jo Leinin Award winner for Environment and Member of the European Parliament for Germany

Iveta Seidlova during Fashion show 2013

IUCN 2010 Team Brussels

Iveta Niger

Gabon 2009

Nicolas 06/08/2011 Ivetas baby 

GABON 2013

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