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Organize charity bazaars and cultural events intended to provide additional funding to the foundation (eg sales of works of art or clothing designers).

image3 2The term Environmental Art, is used in two different ways.
The term can be used generally to refer to art dealing with ecological issues and / or the natural, such as the formal, the political, the historical, or the social context.

It is possible to trace the movement of environmental art in the late 60s and early 70s. Initially, it was rather associated with the sculpture and had been built on the critique of traditional forms of sculpture which are considered outdated and not environmentally friendly. Today, this approach to art covers many areas.
Recently, the art of “sustainable” has emerged as an alternative art environmental or ‘green art “, considering that sustainable development represents a challenge for contemporary art as a whole.
Vegetable Art is an art movement involving artists taking up the cause of the plant world and have incorporated, in one way or another, their own approach. This could be the definition of an artistic movement which in any case, corresponds to a current reality.

It is also in the sense that the environmental culture suggests the ecological adaptation of humanities habitats, biophysical and deployment of the sociological interest of human cultures for specific discernment between perception and action with a biosphere hand. With nature and culture of mankind in the biosphere on the other.

artgreencleanclean2Our Featured Artists:

Global Biodiversity Protection likes and recommends you the work of painters James D. Comer, himself very involved in the fight for the environment and Mumira artist from Kenya. You can find and if you wish, buy they creations at the following address: James D. Comer or Mumira at:

Save Mount Kenya Forest from Extinction Group
P.o. Box 62343-00200, Nairobi, Kenya
TEL: 254723469909,


Murima – biography

Mumira is a modern artist born in 1980 and concentrate on figurative paintings exploring various topics. He observes and presents real places and real people in real situations.

Mumira born talented in oil painting started painting at the age of 8 years with his cousin who is also a renowned artist here in Kenya. Mumira paint on medium of oils concentrating on figurative painting exploring diverse topics and pictured with landscaped environment and animals.

He has been exhibiting his arts here in Nairobi and most people have recognized his art both local and foreigners.

James D. Comer – biography

James attended 3 Universities in Ohio before mastering the art of tele-communication sales and marketing in 70’s Los Angeles, California.  Moving to Arizona in 1978 he began creating, producing and the promotion of special events and projects around greater Phoenix. Among his events were music and arts festivals, Oktoberfests, old west productions, Civil War re-enactments, Convention Bureau entertainment services, Arizona Castle tours and Renaissance marketplace, press parties , stunt shows, Big Band Dance promotions,  hotel theme parties, a Service To Humanity Ball for the Jaycees, Scottsdale’s first Pro-BiCycle racing Grand Prix, and much  more.


James also provided public relations services including the World’s largest Private Collection 16 cylinder Classic Cars  auction in Morristown, NJ ; started Old West Productions, James Comer Public Relations, and the American Specialty Advertising Products Company; set up a national Radio record airplay promotions Company; organized a International Computer Brokers network for an Arizona Computer sales Company; produced low-cost radio and tv commercials in New York and Phoenix; created Souvenir programs and contracted other tele-marketing sales and leads programs from his offices. Many events involved fundraising and working with civic organizations .


Upon moving to New York City (Queens) in 1991, James began a research and design period whereas he outlined several “American MusicLegacies” edutainment show concepts and a Edutainment  Telephon concept (APT). As time goes by James incorporated his American Music legacies series into a broader based “LOVE ARTS CAMPAIGN” ~ Greater Learning and Economic Development Through Arts (available). He also began his pen and ink pop style sketches in the 90’s to illustrate his projects which include important music legends, silver screen moguls and stars and over 2,000 classic film charactures plus 100’s of other designs and montages ~  Food Arts, Fashion Arts, Architectural Arts, more.


In 2003 he moved back to his home State of Ohio where he continues to promote the Love Arts project and other issues he believes important and positive for a better tomorrow and the future of our grandchildren. In the last few years in addition to his pop art graphics, James has created several paintings, written two plays – scripts, and also created  four books of his illustrations ( in search of a publisher ) ~ A Love Arts Campaign edition, two Movie works volumes (I. 1895-1949; II. 1950-2005) and a special Fabulous Fifties Movies and Trivia book. Currently James is working on one of his Music-Edutainment Show concepts “Get The Whole World Dancin” and working to promote other great organizations.

qPaintings Love Arts Eagle (3’x4′ board)
Wild thing huh! Only
STARRY NIGHT ODYSSEY (28’x47′ board)
Tribune Van Gogh and Reid stowe 1000
Shipping, handling, Insurance which will be additional to Artwork price. It will be done PROFESSIONALLY and most International Sales will be delivered by UPS (United Parcel Service) / Deliveries in USA will be either US Postal Service or UPS.  Prices depend on size, weight, value and where it’s going.

Zebra are some of the animals found in Africa especially in savanna, the oil painting depict these animals drinking water.


During olden days here in Africa, girls used to perform the work of fetching water, collecting firewood and cooking, this oil painting art depict an African girl fetching water in the river.


The male lions dominated the jungle here in Africa; they also hunt most of the times, this oil painting depicts an Africa lion manning the jungle against other animals.


In most cases, men here in Africa during olden days used to grazing cattle’s in the field, and during those hours they spent most time playing draft game. This oil painting depicts these young men playing draft game.


In traditional African culture, men used to graze in the field and in most cases they involved themselves with various activities such as playing draft game, hide and seek game, singing and dancing, this oil painting depicts these African men dancing.


During traditional African olden days, women were involved with activities such as cooking, fetching water and cultivating on the farms, this art depict an African woman cooking outside her hut.


During traditional African days, women used to stay with children’s at homes where they showed a lot of motherly love, this oil painting depict an African woman with a child.


Cheetah is one of the fastest animals on earth and they are found in savanna, this oil painting depicts cheetah with it prey.


Elephants are strongest and biggest animals found here in Africa in many game reserves, Mara River is found here in Kenya, this oil painting depict African elephant crossing Mara here in Kenya.


Masai people are found here in Kenya and Tanzania; they live in the plain of Rift valley, they are usually pastoralists. This oil painting depicts a Masai herdsman heading home with his cattle from the field.

qPost card made of banana fiber qPost card made of banana fiber, recycled materials
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