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Dear friends,ivetaafrique

My name is Iveta Seidlova. I am founder and president of the ‘
NGO Global Biodiversity Protection since September 2009.. R.N.A. : W783001386/SIRET: 821766953 00011, Loi de 1901

I was born and raised in the countryside of Bohemia “Czech Repubic”
In a family imbued with love and respect of the environment …
My father, second generation engineer of water and forests,
transferred to me and my sister his relationship with nature
“today my sister is talented landscape engineer in Bohemia”.
My father’s big passion was Forest, science, astronomy, history and prehistory.
In my childhood I spent hours to study and watch with him the star constallation,

discovering the great periods of prehistory and spend my time in analising forests and his occupants I guess that time I have develope my senses.
At my early age I was appointed by Marilyn Gauthier Model Management to cross the borders for having an international model carrier,
and I got based in Paris..
I had the great opportunity to travel around the World and to be close of different cultures and the different problems of Biodiversity
in every country I have travelled :lack of water, deforestation, rural desertification and the privilege to be in contact with many species.
During these trips I have met interesting people and makers of the highest order very sensitive as I am about the state
of our planet.Ever Sense I have been close to several international organisations and active in the exhibitions and conferences until in 2009, and finally this same year I took the decition to create an organisation, someting closer to my ideology and philosophy and so I founded ; The Global Biodiversety Protection Organization, “GBP”
In the course of my passionate studies and audience of the History of Art in Louvre, I learnt that humanity has left important messages regarding planetary & human evolution. Humans have tried to express their understanding of mother nature and the universe through art forms from Neolithic times until the present day….
– I have always been hypnotized by the love of Science, Astronomy and biodiversity.
All my life I have developed a great sensitivity towards biodiversity and I bealeve that we must drive the new generations, to think differently about the environment, in order to establish a respectful relationship with Earth. This will allow humanity to develop a new and noble civilization as part of a universal development, harmonious and sustainable”. We can all observe that our planet today is suffering from a loss in biodiversity!
Biodiversity underpins the functioning of the ecosystems on which we depend for food and fresh water or clean air, health and protection from natural disasters or even mega-desasters. The protection of biodiversity makes a substantial contribution to moderate the scale of climate change and reduce as much we can its negative impacts, by providing earth ecosystems.
– The consequences of this collective failure, if it is not quickly corrected, will be severe for us all! “We need a new social vision and visibility for biodiversity, a healthy planet and a sustainable future for every one”
I am deeply invested in this project that I bring an overall importance, a high sensitivity and considerable amount of energy. This conviction borns from the conscience and heart as the only possibility to recover the real sense of life for all …. Which led me to the position of President of Global Biodiversity Protection.

Iveta Seidlova / President and Founder

Our goal:

Conservation, sustainable use and protection of natural resources including plants, animals, mineral deposits, soils, clean water, clean air, and fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum, and natural gas. Concerned with the world’s biodiversity crisis and other enviromental problems. The World Conservation Union (IUCN) has updated the 2009 Red List of threatened species in the world. It is an alarming report it published, revealing that 17,291 animal and plant species face extinction.

GBP will works to protect wildlife and wild places mainly in Africa. Protecting endangered species, fight against deforestation, support national development while preserving natural resources: how to reconcile all these issues critical to our future? Our project is part of the recommendations of the Kyoto Summit (effective from 2005) on the environment was followed by the Copenhagen World Summit (from 7 to 18 December 2009)

The overall profit for our project: Driving the new generation to think differently its relationship to its environment in order to establish a respectful relationship with the Earth, which will allow humanity to develop a new civilization noble, as part of a universal development, harmonious and sustainable. Global Bbiodiversity Protection intends to work mainly on protecting wildlife and flora, oceans and rivers, in Africa, specifically.


GBP does not meddle in any political interference from other States and Communities. GBP’s approach is purely humanistic and therefore respecting freedom of opinion and the diversity of cultures.

GBP thinks that cultural diversity contributes positively to human development and the secular preservation of territories. As an efficient and non-sectarian structure, GBP accepts all donors, business or states included.

Yet, GBP will freely decide where to intervene and who to accept donations from, in line with its Deontological chart whose principles are aligned with the Charter of the United Nations. GBP will strictly separate the donors from the Managing Committee. Acting with transparency, the Managing Committee will define strategies and decide on investment.


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