Jasmine Shih

Deputy Director


“Dear Friends,

My name is Jasmine Shih. I am honored to be part of the GLOBAL BIODIVERSITY PROTECTION team. I will be serving as a board member, and the Deputy Director supporting Eric Noji at the Washington, DC office. I appreciate the endorsement of my dear friend and colleagues Eric Noji and Iveta Seidlová for this opportunity to work side-by-side to protect and preserve the Earth’s ecosystem.

If we sit quietly and look around for even just few seconds, we can feel how we are part of this world co-existing with the rest of the species. Every breath of air, every drop of rain, and every petal of flower reflects every one of us. With a true love for life and the passion to leave the earth better than when I arrived, it is natural to want to do everything I can and be a guardian for this extraordinary planet we live on. I am constantly fascinated by the various cultures, the interesting terrains, the animals, and the plants I see everywhere traveling around the world. It is amazing just how similar and different we all are. In my upbringing, we respected every stem of grass, every living thing, even the insects, every tree that provided the needed shade on a hot summer day, and every drop of water the quenched our thirst. I remember seeking shelter with the big banana leaf over my head while walking in the rain through a farmland in Ghana. We are simply one with the nature always even when we don’t think about it.

With GLOBAL BIODIVERSITY PROTECTION team, I believe if the rest of us does a little bit, together we can leave this planet for our children for generations to come and enjoy the same glowing jelly fish, the killer whale, and the spiny cactus, along with the desert sky dome as we do today. – Jasmine ”

Thank you,


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