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Actively support the success of our projects and get a cap or T-shirt in beautiful colors of Global Biodiversity Protection!

GBP cap and t-shirt will be sent for all donations (*) from 50 euros up.
Click here to see in detail the color of the caps and t-shirt.

Remember to include your T-shirt size (S, M, L or XL) and your address in this email:


Under the Aug, 1rst 2003 law, persons and businesses are allowed a fiscal rebate for their gifts to charities. As a gesture for the common good, gifts to charities are entitled to a fiscal rebate of up , (if you are taxable in France,) a tax reduction of 66% of the donation (within 20% of your taxable income).

Many countries concede their nationals fiscal advantages if they make a present of money for associations. GBG delivers a certificate for all gifts it receives in order to allow Givers possible discounts on taxes. Warning: sponsors are invited to check previously if the countries where they reside allow such fiscal discounts or other advantages.

Donate! Please complete the fields below. The name, surname, email address and country are mandatory. Once the information is true, you’ll be redirected to the website of the Credit Mutuel bank with secure payment.
If you want a tax receipt, please send your request by specifying the date of your donation by mail to.
or contact Jean-louis Viguier :

Global Biodiversity Protection USA
Eric K. Noji, M.D.
Director, Washington D.C. Office of GBP
Washington Office
1901 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W., Suite 901
Washington, DC 20006. USA
Tel: 001 (650) 681 92 09
Global Biodiversity Protection FRANCE
110 rue Pierre Demours
75017 Paris- France
Tél : 00 33 1 74 13 40 57


  • Send donation to Global Biodiversity Protection
  • Become a sponsor to one of our projects, especially our “Green Live Development Project”
  • Take part in our actions.
  • Invest some of your time as a GBP volunteer.

To send your donation contact :
1) Gather funds for Global Biodiversity Protection
2) Spread the actions and name of Global Biodiversity Protection.
3) Set up fund-gatherings at your workplace, between friends, at local schools, etc …
4) Introduce us to sponsors who would  offer their products, services , or financial help..

100% of public contributions are invested into the achievement of Global Biodiversity Protection projects . Thanks to the generosity of private investors, and the direct financing of GBP actions their gifts allow, this policy will be made possible. Thanks to your gifts, we will strengthen our actions in order to protect and nurture biodiversity where it suffers the most, especially in Africa where drought triggers a range of fast spreading damages which endangers plant, wildlife, and crops. We are happy to strive for the setting of a better world to live in for our children and the future generations to be.




Donate to a specific cause of your choice

Green Jobs

Green Jods GBP will promout anly green jobs for best results of every one. Longlivity and healthy lifestyle is one of our principal goals! A green job is, according to the U N Environment Program, “work in agricultural, manufacturing, research and development (R&D), administrative, and service activities that contribute substantially to preserving or restoring environment. […]

Eco-Tourism, the responsible travel

responsible travel to fragile, pristine, and usually protected areas that strives to be low impact and (often) small scale.

Eco-guards, protectors of the biodiversity

Eco-guards play an instrum ental part in preserving and protecting biodiversity, especially in Africa

University of Biodiversity, initiate the future

“If you want to feed a man for a day, give him a fish, if you want to feed him for life,
teach him how to fish.”

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